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Dr. KyungWook Moon is a board certified chiropractor in the state of Virginia. He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Prior to attending Chiropractic school, He worked as a Youth pastor after graduating from Mountain View College with degree in Theology. It was during his time as a youth pastor that he learned how to connect with people who are suffering spiritually, mentally and physically. And his passion to help and serve those people led him to study Chiropractic.

Dr. Moon is committed to bringing people better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. As a BioPhysics practitioner, he has a vast amount of knowledge in structural dysfunction of the spine in relationship to our nervous system and functions of the body.

If you have questions about your current health and are unsure of what to do, or have been told that nothing can be done, DON’T accept that you have to just live with it, until you have tried chiropractic. Don’t wait to truly start living your life the way you were designed to.


What Patients are saying

I had a back and leg injury in February 2018 while doing military training. Since I live outside this area, I went to chiropractor and had physical therapy near my base but neither seemed to help much. Dr. Moon worked on my back and leg for three weeks and I felt the real difference; first relief from pain and increased range of movement.

Dr. Moon did more in three weeks than the other practitioners did in four months. 

Lucas R.

When I came to Primary Health Center in October 2017, I was suffering from out-of-control asthma and incontinence. I was well on my way to a life of carrying oxygen with me wherever I went. Moreover, the hump on my upper back was becoming hard to ignore. Here it is nine months later and I'm so much better. I no longer take asthma medication, I have no problem breathing, and I'm no longer incontinent. This radical improvement has affected every aspect of my life. I feel better than I have in years!

Michele C.

I was having neck and back pain and difficulty at work like becoming faint or a get dizzy. I was no longer able to work. Dr. Moon took X-rays and told me the problems and suggested stretches and the adjustments helped a lot and I am feeling much better 3 months into treatment.

Neil B.

I had severe back pain and the inability to stand straight. I ran into my tennis teacher at an event at the country club last Saturday evening. He commended on how great I looked and that I was standing much straighter than the last time i has seen him 2 months ago. Thank you, Dr. Moon!

Annie F.  


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